Customer Service


Hours of Operations?

M-F 8 am-5 pm PST California

What About Guarantees?

We guarantee that the TILETAC® printed sheets will be provided with vivid and robust colors. We guarantee that the adhesive will adhere to virtually any substrate when applied correctly. We do not guarantee the quality of the resolution as it is determined by your file input.

What is the Return Policy?

Returns must be pre-approved with a representative. Please contact a TILETAC® representative and get a return code for the product. Ask for approval at

Where is My Order History?

You can always check all your information on your account.  That is the best place to see your order history.

How Big do the Files need to be for a Decent Image?

You will have to find certain size files in your personal photos or in the searching of your desired Internet photos. Look for these minimum sizes for the desired sizes. The higher the megapixel count, the better the print output. Always secure the highest pixel count as possible. Here is the listing that will help in your search.

8.5 x 11   1 megapixel

13 x 19    2 megapixel

17 x 24    3 megapixel

34 x 48    5 megapixel

48 x 85  Life-size  7 megapixel or more

These size files are for great resolution. You really don’t need a gigantic file to make a great looking TILETAC® image. Understand that the image will be viewed on a wall usually from 4-5 feet away, and lower resolutions are very forgiving.

What if it Doesn’t Stick?

TILETAC® is designed to adhere to clean and dry substrates. Re-clean and try to apply again. It will stick to virtually any substrate.

Will it Damage the Walls?

N0.  TILETAC® graphics are perfectly safe for walls. The special low-tack adhesive does not leave any residue and will not pull paint that is primed properly. If you don’t believe it, try a small piece of the graphic and see for yourself.

How do I find out what Shipping Charges are?

All orders will be shipped USPS. Shipping is always free for all orders over $75 and will be ground delivery. You always have options on shipping charges to expedite your deliveries in the shopping cart. We will ship USPS and have options for UPS, Federal Express, or DHL.

How Long will it take to Get My Order?

TILETAC® printed orders will be shipped usually within 2-3 business days. Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays are not business days. You will tell us how you want the order shipped to expedite the delivery if needed.

Do TILETAC® images Ship to P.O. Boxes?

We are not able to ship to P.O. boxes at this time. We recommend having your items shipped to a home or business address, if at all possible.

Can I Exchange My Order?

Since TILETAC® orders are printed on-demand from your custom art in which you upload images and create unique prints, you cannot exchange an order.

How do I Track My Order?

The tracking number will be sent to your email address upon the order being printed and placed to the carrier.

How do I Cancel an Order?

It is important to understand that since the order is processed almost immediately, this custom work will be difficult to cancel an order. However, you can send an email to or call immediately.

What Payment Methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal. Your credit card or PayPal account is charged at the time when your order is placed.

How to Contact Customer Service Representative?

The easiest way to contact a Customer Service Representative is to send an email to or leave a detailed message at 1-844-TILETAC. A CSR will contact you to answer any questions you may have.