Retail Merchandising

TILETAC® is great when utilized in property stores, shops, and boutiques. For example, use TILETAC® to create themed atmospheres within the store. Refrigeration units, walls, counter sides, and more can all be complemented with a themed décor to tie in seasons or special events. Change out the themes a few times a year to keep the look of the store fresh and current. Plus, changing is a snap – no tearing or peeled paint. Simply peel off and move to a new location and/or replace it with a new scene.

Corporate Offices and Temporary Event Offices

All too often the BACK OF THE HOUSE is the last place that decor options are used. With TILETAC®, the back of the house can become a more friendly, caring environment for all employees. Upcoming employee events can be advertised, and break rooms can be decorated in ways like never before.

TILETAC® can be used as an informative piece to communicate with the employees and clients concerning a specific marketing program or campaign. This can be applied on an individual property basis with the use of branding kits. Products can be cut to fit to provide an individual flavor of the property. Employee photos can even be included as a way of highlighting their work as an integral part of your family.

You can create a million-dollar look for your properties anywhere in the world.

Corporate Sponsorships

Use TILETAC® to help communicate all the informational pieces that need to be given to your event sponsors. Simple reminders of event schedules, important gatherings, and important Co-branding are all possible.

The cost-effective and easy installation of TILETAC® allows for custom branded wallpaper or wall borders to be installed and easily removed. A catalog of wall décor can be developed for your properties to choose from for a quick press conference or package to thank a new sponsor. Companies can have special messages, information, or logos installed on their walls for a truly custom client experience.


Temporary directional signage or instructions can be printed and applied so they look as if they were designed with the interior décor in mind. TILETAC® images can overlay

existing signs easily for a quick fix. Once the directions are not needed, the TILETAC® image can easily be removed without damaging the image or surface underneath

Public Space Areas

Lobbies can take on any look overnight, from subtle changes to dramatic impact in just a few hours. A property’s atrium can have images two and three stories high that look as if an artist has painted them on the wall itself. Use TILETAC® to create walls with a rich wood finish or branded logo. Use color and flair to excite these areas and to keep them fresh and upbeat or announce the latest hot deals with a bold statement.

Additionally, the cost is substantially less for the product and installation compared with existing treatments. Due to the nature of the adhesive, TILETAC® can be applied both indoors and outdoors and in all temperatures. Not just a poster or banner, the TILETAC® material literally looks as if it’s a part of the surface. Welcome a conference or client with beautifully integrated designs on pillars and poles... rather than on a traditional banner.

TILETAC® can be applied to both the inside and outside of windows to promote any event or season. The elegant matte finish is highlighted by the semi-translucent effect, which glows from interior lighting. Easily installed and removed, TILETAC® does not require any professional installation for your window décor and virtually no cleanup. Examples include required signage (no smoking, brand logos) all the way to seasonal events.

Promotional ideas abound with TILETAC®. Easily apply TILETAC® images for days, months, or just for a few minutes. Press conference backdrops, red carpet patterns on the walls, shuttle vehicles, and more can all be branded for special events taking place at any location.

Sales Materials

Use TILETAC® to fill the offices of the planning staff with enlarged 12” x 18” photos of events held at the property. The images can look like Polaroid shots for a cool, custom look. Full images of your events and offerings can fill the offices to show just what is possible. These can be changed regularly throughout the offices to show creativity and a variety of event possibilities.

Use TILETAC® images as promotional items for clients to take home after the event. Panoramic images and creative photography of the event can be given away as a gift. TILETAC® images can be sent after the event for installation in their homes for a creative way to say “THANK YOU” and to make the partnership and sponsorship tighter.

With its all-weather adhesive characteristics, TILETAC® is the perfect solution for courtesy vehicle signage. Special groups, individuals, or corporations can have their logo or event name adhered to cars, shuttles, golf carts, you name it. Easily removed,

vehicles can be branded as each new client arrives for truly unique customer experience. Courtesy vans used at airports can be overlooked as a marketing aid. Thousands of people see the vans repeatedly and they offer an amazing marketing supplement.

Licensing Opportunities

Another opportunity is in the area of licensing of the events or individuals that your brand family represents. There are so many products that apply to extend the brands to homes and offices in the “Wall Décor and More” category. From small promotional pieces, murals to full wallpaper with action shots...this product can do it all! Another great characteristic is that TILETAC® can also be produced on an on-demand format as well greatly reducing inventory. This makes a huge difference in supplying new looks and keeping the brand presentation fresh at all times.

The following is some quick ideas with the respective market segments that we have in the licensing market with the use of this unique material. These are not all-inclusive but are listed as a starting point for further discussion and development.

We will make it easy for the fans to have many choices of images of their heroes. Whether it is different sizes of cutouts in action, or larger posters, or full wallpaper... we can supply you with great affordable products. Now instead of just one cut out.... the consumer and the fans can buy images to fit the size of their room and pocketbook. Any celebrity can be offered in an on-demand program with photos being deleted and added constantly.

These are just a few ideas that we have with just a small sample of your home or properties. There is so much potential that you can be easily overwhelmed. TILETAC® is offering to partner with you to explore existing and new ideas to extend to events, the images and your properties, and ultimately... your brand.

We look forward to working with your organization to develop and deliver superior branded products to maximize your brand with an image and powerful impact around the world.