Things Are About to Change!

We took a look at the current wallpaper category and saw that there was definitely a need for an alternative product in the “Wall Décor and More” market. We have experience working with 3M in the research and development of “Apeels” for many years, which was the pre-Fathead product. Our new revolutionary product is TILETAC®, and we are committed to bringing this great new product line of wall graphics to the world market.

Introducing the Revolutionary Product

Thank you for the opportunity to introduce TILETAC®, “the most creative paper in the world”, to you. It is considered revolutionary in the wall décor industry. Never before has there been a product this versatile in its ability to create your images and maintain a cost-effective price point for single or multiple tiled prints. The possibilities are truly endless and only limited by your imagination.

Bigger is Not Always Better

We want to make it easy for our customers to be able to display their images and desired brands into homes and offices with a one-stop-shop. We understand that your creativity matters and that everything put on a wall DOES NOT have to be “BIG”. You are the one that can choose your image at multiple sizes with our free software. Now, you can determine how big you want it to be! You can make wallpaper collages, borders, posters, cutouts, and murals... just to name a few ideas. You can also add text, clip art, and logos to your TILETAC® graphic that you create.

What is the Difference?

TILETAC® is printed in sections or “TILES” that have “TAC” and applied to the surfaces piece by piece to create any size images that are desired. The overlaps are perfect every time on this high-resolution printed product. This system of manufacturing makes our product easier to apply, easier to ship, and ultimately easier on the pocketbook! It is a quality product with so many great characteristics including this unique tiling solution.

TILETAC® is not just another “BIG” shiny decal. It’s a woven textile product with an elegant finish that literally looks as if it has become part of the surface it’s adhered to. What truly is amazing about TILETAC® is its ability to be lifted, adjusted, and reapplied to nearly any surface without leaving any residue or losing its adhesive strength. Apply it to wood, concrete, metal, glass, drywall, and virtually any other surface. No other large-format material has the ability to do this.

Feel the Peel!

You can “FEEL THE PEEL” and explore all the possibilities it offers. We’re sure that once you touch and feel this amazing product your imagination will run wild and develop many ways to use TILETAC® within your home and office. This is an inexpensive and Eco-Friendly wall décor product like never before! Have fun!

TILETAC® Material Characteristics

• Eco-Friendly
• Quality ink top-coat insures all ink-jet print adhesion
• Lay flat liner with easy printer feed
• Removable, Reusable, Repositionable
• Inexpensive alternative for wall décor branded products • Made by fulfillment or high quantity runs
• Unique tiling system makes any size possible
• Adheres to nearly any surface – indoor only
• Virtually indestructible: Will does not rip or wrinkle
• Waterproof to a point
• UV and chemical resistant
• Illuminates with backlighting
• Wraps around corners and can be hung on ceilings
• Matte finish looks like it is part of any wall or surface
• Non-Toxic
• Best print resolution on the market – up to 2880 dpi
• Easy Storage